Client LIST

Here is an array of client projects spanning both profit and non-profit sectors, including large venue management endeavors such as festivals catering to over 20,000 attendees. Explore the brands he's launched and provided strategic counsel for, ranging from consumer goods to technology products, across diverse industry segments. Bill's extensive background and solid experience in hospitality, food, beverage, entertainment, construction, and security (both virtual and physical) over venues and events underscore his versatility. The success of these endeavors is attributed to the collaborative efforts of teams built and nurtured across past, present, and future projects.

In addition to his project management prowess, Bill has negotiated many contracts, sales agreements, and recurring revenue commitments exceeding $20 million. Notably, one of his largest deals was with companies in the Fortune 500, wherein he negotiated an open purchase order (PO) instead of a fixed cost agreement, providing flexibility and scalability for both parties involved. Additionally, he's established partnerships and affiliate relationships with select brands. Bill's clientele ranges from c-suite executives to independent SMEs and SMBs, serving diverse markets encompassing both B2B and B2C sales. Furthermore, he's actively engaged with and held positions in local, regional, and federal government agencies, dedicated to community improvement and advocating for business interests.