General Manager: Nightclub

Bill was hired as General Manager to reduce costs and increase revenues at an iconic 30,000 sq ft, 4-level San Francisco nightclub. In his first week, he successfully negotiated lower pour costs (PC) with vendors, resulting in a 30% reduction. Additionally, Bill implemented tighter controls on beverage inventory by securing and conducting weekly inventories. He introduced large-format champagne and provided staff training on beverage service to enhance the customer experience.

Managing daily operations, Bill dedicated six out of seven days per week to the task, opening the venue only 2-4 days (Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun) and hosting up to 3000 guests between 10 PM and 2 AM (4 hours). With the assistance and direction of the COO, he transformed the venue into the largest pourer of on-premise alcohol on the West Coast, leading vendors to offer discounts on the product. By altering the product mix and providing staff training on selling large format champagne (lower alcohol and higher margins), Bill and the COO doubled the club's monthly revenue in just four months.

Bill's dedication culminated in a successful 12-month run, during which he worked directly with the COO in building an ultra-successful venue. They also developed a transparent security plan to ensure the safety of both staff and guests before, during, and after leaving the venue. One of the many successful strategies Bill negotiated was with vendors to get the bottle cost down 20% below his competing venues' purchase price. His team sold 700 cases of Jameson and was named one of the top pourers of Jameson that year in the US (as reported by the vendor).

General Manager

Jan 2015 - Jun 2016