William (Bill) Dickenson, leverages over three decades of experience, stands out in offering all-encompassing solutions for the restaurant, hospitality, and service sectors. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our services extend well beyond, focusing on not just adherence to standards and quality, but also an in-depth analysis of customer service excellence. His distinctive reporting system provides businesses with practical insights to enhance guest services and boost profitability.

William, is the founder of Dickenson Business Advisory, is a distinguished business professional renowned for his expertise in business development, operations, and program management. His notable skills in meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of complex organizational structures have been pivotal in enhancing process efficiency, cutting costs, and optimizing overall performance.

Dickenson's proficiency in uniting valuable resources and orchestrating diverse teams has been instrumental in propelling business growth and achievement. His balanced mix of technical know-how and interpersonal abilities allows for effective collaboration with various stakeholders, fostering robust and productive associations.

San Francisco Cocktail Bars & LoungesSan Francisco Cocktail Bars & Lounges

First quarter of 2024, Bill has successfully completed a diverse range of projects initiated in 2023, spanning across various sectors including non-profit, healthcare, retail, technology, entertainment, and food and beverage. With a commitment to fostering growth and innovation, he is actively seeking to explore new ventures and collaborations. Bill offers his expertise to small and mid-sized organizations, providing flexible engagement models on a project or contract basis. He is also open to considering part-time or full-time employment opportunities, should they align with mutual goals and values

Dickenson Business Advisory, Principal

1987 - Present | San Francisco Bay Area

Bill is a multifaceted professional with extensive experience across both the public and private sectors, showcasing a broad spectrum of expertise that spans program management, research, public speaking, leadership, and financial planning, along with other critical areas. His financial acumen is evident in his ability to manage operating budgets ranging from $1M to over $100M and in his proficiency in steering the development and management of teams numbering from 10 to 1000, including contract workers, part-time staff, and full-time employees (FTEs). Bill has a proven track record of implementing strategies that not only streamline operations but also optimize cost-efficiency, typically achieving a reduction in operating expenses (OPEX) by 10-30%. Furthermore, his initiatives often result in a substantial increase in revenues, ranging from 1x to 3x, by enhancing cost of revenue strategies and improving the balance between revenue and expenses.

His career is highlighted by a consistent record of achievements and a comprehensive skill set that covers project management, training and development, vendor negotiation, marketing, and customer relationship management. Bill is acclaimed for his superior communication and problem-solving skills, along with a solid foundation in human resources, contract negotiation, and process improvement. Since 1999, he has been instrumental in advising, collaborating with, and mentoring top organizations globally, including notable San Francisco establishments like Wayfare Tavern, China Live, and The Speakeasy. Bill is universally recognized as an invaluable asset to any team, leveraging his vast expertise and experience to foster organizational success, significantly enhancing financial performance through strategic oversight of revenue and expense management.

Expansion and Exit Strategies: Strategic foresight in planning and executing expansion or exit strategies, offering tailored advice to maximize the enterprise's value and secure its legacy.


San Francisco Small Business Coalition, Co-Founder

Jun 2023 - Present | San Francisco Bay Area

“SFSBC (San Francisco Small Business Coalition) is a dynamic community- driven initiative dedicated to championing the resilience and growth of small businesses throughout the vibrant streets of San Francisco. Committed to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, we stand as a united voice for local enterprises, advocating for policies that promote transparency in government, enhance the nightlife experience, and ensure a level playing field for all. Join us in our mission to support and elevate the heart and soul of San Francisco's economy - its small businesses.” SFSBCOALITION.org

La Cocina, Advisory Council Member

Jan 2008 - Jan 2018 | San Francisco

Dedicated time to support low-income food entrepreneurs, particularly women from communities of color and immigrant communities, by offering startup and operational guidance through La Cocina SF.


Golden Gate University, San Francisco

Hospitality Business

California Culinary Academy, San Francisco

Culinary Arts and Business

Executive Business Management

Operations Management

Front of House Operations

Back of House Operations


Marketing and sales


People Management


Project Management



Payment Systems



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