IMT : Integrated Marketing Technology

Director of Operations - Full-time | Sep 1998 - Sep 2000 · 2 yrs 1 mon | San Francisco, CA · On-site

Bill was recruited from the Fairmont to join a technology startup by the CIO of IMT. Assuming the role of Director of Operations for this data mining company, now rebranded as a business intelligence (BI) firm, Bill played a crucial role in identifying and addressing the organization's weaknesses. His initial task was to conduct an audit focusing on client support.

The company's product offered real-time marketing analysis for both online and print publications, servicing renowned brands such as American Express Global Publishing, Reader's Digest Global, The Industry Standard, Martha Stewart Publications, Business 2.0, Williams Sonoma Publishing, and numerous other top global publishers. Bill was dedicated to managing client support, being on call 24/7 for a number of months until support tickets slowed.

Recognizing the need to enhance client support upon arrival, Bill swiftly developed a support database and implemented a Q&A platform for self-service. He also adopted wireless technology to improve client service levels by being accessible 24/7/365, given that clients were located across various time zones around the world. Once the support tools were deployed, support tickets dropped by 80%, allowing resources to be reallocated back into product development and growing subscribers and revenues.

Additionally, Bill collaborated with the CEO to recruit C-suite executives, contributing to team building and fundraising efforts. His transition from hospitality to technology was smooth due to his expertise in people and processes. The company experienced rapid revenue growth through efficient resource allocation and change management processes. Bill recruited the former COO of IBM and former CFO of AT&T to assist in fundraising and played a central role in collaboration across departments, carrying the business plan and assisting in business growth strategies.

Concluded my role here to care for a family member and start a business advisory business.

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