General Manager: Residential Technology Integration Contractor

General Manager - Full-time | Sep 2019 - Aug 2022 (3 yrs) | San Carlos, CA · On-site

Bill played a pivotal role in managing confidential client and vendor relations, overseeing onsite supervisors, and coordinating specialty trades for Bay Area residential and commercial projects. He adeptly managed diverse business functions, from sales to security, contributing to a threefold company growth from 2019 to 2022 despite challenges posed by Covid-19. His leadership not only sustained but also expanded operations efficiently during a period of significant adversity. Additionally, Bill worked with union and non-union labor scheduling and procurement, demonstrating his versatility in managing various labor arrangements.

Moreover, he developed a telecommunications system to streamline communications and increase client services. He also created a unified communications platform to reduce errors and increase efficiency, demonstrating his commitment to leveraging technology for operational improvements. Bill managed a warehouse of high-value electronics, overseeing shipping, receiving, training staff on OSHA requirements, and ensuring smooth operations.

Furthermore, he managed marketing and sales web development, along with other technology systems designed and deployed to enhance business processes. Bill’s comprehensive approach and adept management of multifaceted responsibilities highlight his dedication to driving success across all aspects of business operations.

Some of the vendors he can disclose he worked with or secured sought-after reseller agreements with include Savant, Josh AI, Elan (facilities control systems), Lutron Systems (circadian rhythm control), Meyer Sound (a top-tier sound system provider), automated window and AV screens, Twilio (communications), ultra-secure wired and wireless networks, physical security systems including radar and other sensors, and high-resolution cameras, offering full home or facility security and automation.

  • Annual Sales Volume: $1M (when I started) within 12m I achieved $12M on budget.

  • Hired as General Manager to take the business to the next level of growth by consolidating operations and negotiating services agreements to reach $1M per month with the same head count.

  • Achieving a net margin ranging between 30-40% for this residential integration contractor.

  • I successfully concluded significant high-profile business deals, marking notable achievements in my career at this company. I implemented a highly efficient unified communications system to enhance client services, managed RFPs, project management, scheduling, and served as the central point of oversight for all operational functions.

  • After several months of requesting my compensation to be paid in full and in accordance with the agreed rate of pay and basic fair labor practices, unfortunately, the situation remained unresolved. Consequently, I made the decision to resign. 08/2022 I started the San Francisco Small Business Coalition to network the SF business community - and advise those who were in need of my services.

  • Started at $1M; achieved $12M within 12 months on budget with the same headcount of 6 FTEs.

  • Hired as General Manager to consolidate operations and negotiate service agreements.

  • Achieved a net margin between 30-40%.

  • Secured significant high-profile, notable successes in my career created at this company.

  • Implemented a highly efficient unified communications system to enhance client services.

  • Managed RFPs, project management, scheduling, and served as the central point of oversight for all operational functions.

Bill set a goal to establish this business within three years, and remarkably, this objective was accomplished during the hospitality industry shutdown. As the San Francisco gradually reopened, numerous hospitality and small business establishments faced significant hurdles in resuming operations and navigating through city policies compounded by inadequate communication. In response, Bill founded the SF Small Business Coalition to leverage his connections and expertise to assist these struggling businesses.

Page updated: 2024-03-19