Spearheaded daily operations, consistently exceeding guest expectations through meticulous attention to service standards and guest engagement.

Led a diverse team, fostering a culture of excellence through continuous training and professional development, significantly enhancing service quality and operational efficiency.

Collaborated effectively with the events manager to ensure the seamless execution of private functions and adherence to event budgets, thereby increasing event revenue and guest satisfaction.

Implemented strategic action plans to achieve operational goals, closely monitoring productivity, and maintaining the highest standards of service, resulting in a consistent increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Managed financial objectives by optimizing costs through innovative portion control and waste minimization strategies, successfully meeting budgetary and financial targets in collaboration with the back-of-house management team.

Oversaw human resources functions, including recruiting, scheduling, and performance evaluations, in accordance with company policies and local labor laws, enhancing team cohesion and performance.

Ensured strict compliance with all relevant policies and regulations, promptly resolving staff and guest conflicts to maintain a harmonious and professional dining environment.

Conducted regular equipment maintenance checks and arranged for repairs, ensuring uninterrupted daily operations.

Director of Operations

These are the detailed responsibilities held by Bill in the roles of GM and Director of Operations.